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YES! English Language Center

We firmly believe that each and every student must be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential in an ideal learning environment.

Schools should constantly improve, be fully aware of new issues in teaching methodology and use a variety of means to help students access knowledge.

We promote learning through teamwork by encouraging students to focus on the achievement of goals set by a well-experienced teacher who works under the supervision of a Director of studies.

The schools’ curriculum should comprise a combination of the most effective teaching methods and carefully consider each student’s learning style.

Schools should prepare students to use the language fluently and accurately and help them at the same time to develop essential 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, team work, creativity and imagination so that students can thrive in the global market.

Our continuous effort to instill discipline, provide fair assessment and encourage learners to set high goals make our students feel proud of themselves and help them develop a well-rounded personality.

In order for our educational programmes to be successful we feel it is vital to regularly inform parents of their children’s progress and encourage a spirit of cooperation among students, teachers and parents.

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