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Methodology & Assessment

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The teaching method used in our schools enables us to achieve the primary goal we have set for all our students that is to help them succeed in mastering a foreign language. It is a combination of the most effective teaching methods according to current research and findings in the field of ELT.


Language is essentially a means of communication and students need to learn how to use it effectively in order to meet their future goals.


Engaging our students in team work allows them to reach their full potential and foster their teamwork skills without unnecessary angst.


By exposing our students to authentic, real-life situations, we help them feel confident to use the language in similar settings later on in life.


We teach language as a tool which can enable students express their creativity and use their imagination in different situations by participating in activities beyond the classroom.

Our wide experience has shown us that the teaching approach followed in our schools brings the desired results. This is why we have used a variety of up-to-date, carefully selected materials to assist us in the implementation of our methodology.


Our students' progress is monitored continuously through different types of formal and informal assessment such as oral assessment, written assessment including tests, project work etc.. This way we can quickly identify any problems and intervene effectively in a timely manner in order to assist students with their learning style needs.

All students take written tests

  • At the end of each book module
  • Every trimester
  • At the end of the school year
  • Whenever deemed necessary

All our students in exam classes take mock tests which simulate the conditions of the official exams they will have to sit at the end of the school year.

Such tests help us ensure our students will have the necessary background knowledge, confidence and aspiration to score high!

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