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    Early Childhood Programme

    We are explorers!

    Early Childhood Programme

    Our Early Childhood Programme is specially tailored to meet the demands and abilities of young children at the age of 4 . All teachers at "YES" schools are highly qualified in ELT and experienced in the field of early childhood education. Moreover, they use innovative methods and means to assist students in introducing them to the English language and culture. Our goal at this level is to familiarize students with the English language, help them gain a positive first impression of it but most importantly cultivate a love of language in a suitably designed and safe environment where they can participate in fun, age-appropriate activities. This way, children embark on their English language journey where they learn to work as members of a team, develop their social and creative skills, stretch their imagination and acquire basic skills, boost their confidence through books, stories, games, songs, drama, videos, crafts, music and theme vocabulary.

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    Pre - Junior & Primary

    Play & learn! 5 & 6 years old

    Pre - Junior & Primary

    Our pre-junior classes for children aged 5 & 6 offer students an early introduction to the English language by implementing a special teaching programme which is designed exclusively for preschool children and is based on play and creative activities. Our aim at this level is to offer our students a stepping stone so that they can develop different skills, enrich their vocabulary in a fun and enjoyable way and gain knowledge which will be useful as they take the big step into the next, primary level. At the Primary level kids are introduced to reading and writing after the first semester.

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    Pre A1

    We are masters of the universe! , for 7 & 8 year old kids

    Pre A1

    Our Pre-A1 classes respond to the needs of children aged 7 & 8. At this level, children have their first encounter with the English language and culture. Using books by leading publishing houses along with our own, carefully-selected material, we engage children in activities relating to their age and interests (songs, stories, drama, fiction, audiovisual material, games etc.). As a result, students are able to understand spoken and written language and gradually become more confident to use English when speaking and writing.

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Bus Service

In order to assist parents with transporting their children to and from our school in Pylaia, we provide our own daily bus service which picks up and drops off students at designated spots in the vicinity of their homes. This service is only available to the families of our students at "YES" school in Pylaia and is offered to them at a small fee.

Film Nights

We regularly organize film nights which give students the chance to watch films they enjoy in English. This way, they enhance their listening skills, strengthen their relationship with one another and -most importantly- have fun.This service is offered to our students free of charge.


We organize trips to art galleries, the theatre or other places. We introduce children to the arts with the help of English language. Every summer we arrange trips to the U.K. where our students have the chance to attend lessons in an English college for 2 weeks, visit museums etc. and improve their language skills but also broaden their horizons.

Drama Club & Literature

In our schools children get the opportunity to explore the world through the lens of the theater! By joining our drama club our students collaborate with their teachers to create a play in English which they present at the end of the school year.The availability of our drama club service depends on student participation and is offered to our students free of charge.


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    Language is essentially a means of communication and students need to learn how to use it effectively in order to meet their future goals.

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    Engaging our students in team work allows them to reach their full potential and foster their teamwork skills without unnecessary angst.

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    By exposing our students to authentic, real-life situations, we help them feel confident to use the language in similar settings later on in life.

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    We teach language as a tool which can enable students express their creativity and use their imagination in different situations by participating in activities beyond the classroom.

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Meet our team

Evaggelia Makaleka

Founder, General Director and EFL teacher

Mrs Makaleka holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has 35 years' experience teaching English as a foreign language. During her long career, she has attended numerous educational seminars, written articles on EFL issues and participated as a panelist in conventions focusing on EFL as well as the effective operation of language schools.

Tsakiri Maria

Director of Studies and EFL teacher

Maria completed her studies in English Language and Literature and also holds an MA in Business Management from Anglia Ruskin University. She has been teaching English to students of all levels and has also helped design the syllabus followed in our schools since 2004. She has been appointed Director of Studies in our school in Pylaia in 2007. So far, she has attended seminars specializing in EFL methodology, child psychology, syllabus design and classroom management.


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