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YES! English Language Center

"YES" language schools fully prepare students for the following exams which lead to certifications recognized worldwide.

University of Cambridge

  • Young Learners Starters: The first test which marks the start of a child’s language learning journey.
  • Young Learners Movers: It’s is the next step in a child’s English language journey.
  • Young Learners Flyers: Following the Movers test, Flyers certifies children can handle everyday written and spoken English at a basic level.
  • Key English Test (KET): It’s a basic level qualification showing children have made a successful start and can use simple, everyday English in writing and speaking.
  • Preliminary English Test (PET): It’s a qualification certifying students can use the English language at an intermediate level.

University of Cambridge

  • First Certificate in English (FCE): The well-known upper-intermediate level qualification (known as Lower exam) which proves its holder can use everyday written and spoken English for work or study purposes.
  • Certificate of Advanced English (CAE): The demand for high-level English language skills is rapidly increasing all over the world. Passing CAE shows you are a high achiever.
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): The acclaimed Proficiency exam is the most advanced qualification. Holding CPE clearly proves you have mastered the English language to an exceptional level.

University of Michigan

  • Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE): Passing the ECCE test is evidence of high-intermediate competence in English  (B2 level).
  • Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE): Administered by the University of Michigan, ECPE certifies knowledge of the English language at the C2 level.
  • Advanced Level Certificate in English (ALCE):  Taking ALCE qualifies its holder can communicate effectively at C1 level.
  • Educational Testing Service® (ETS®) Examinations
  • Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC): It’s a test certifying candidates’ ability to communicate in English with others in the global workplace (international conferences, business trips, phone conversations etc.)

Michigan State University

  • Michigan State University Certificate of English Language Competency (MSU CELC):  It’s the certificate  developed by the Michigan State     University to certify English language ability at the B2 level.
  • Michigan State University Certificate of English Language Proficiency (MSU CELP): It’s the certificate developed by the Michigan State University to assess English language ability at the C2 level.

National Foreign Language Exam System (KPG)

Our schools prepare students for the National Foreign Language exams which lead to the attainment of certificates at the following levels:

B level (B1-B2 level): Threshold or Vantage level
C level (C1-C2 level): Advanced or Proficiency level

We offer specially designed TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC exam courses for university students interested in pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies abroad .

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