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We have the belief that mastery of the English language is absolutely essential nowadays and we have therefore designed a unique syllabus

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In our two schools, you are sure to find English language courses which encourage effective learning!

Mastery of the language

Experiential learning, fluent and effortless use the English language through team work and collaborative play!

Our team

We know that getting off to a good start is extremely important, but we also feel learning is a lifelong journey!

Philosophy & Methodology

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"YES!" Educational Philosophy

We firmly believe that each and every student must be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential in an ideal learning environment.Schools should constantly improve, be fully aware of new issues in teaching methodology and use a variety of means to help students access knowledge.


We count for you!






Daily smiles!



Our team!


A smile from all of us!

The common thread that binds together all of us working at "YES" is our love for our profession, our high academic qualifications and expertise in teaching English to both children and adults as well as our versatile experience in applying modern, innovative and tested teaching methods.


Why YES!

We Can Make a Difference

“YES” Consulting & Support!

Make a personal appointment with us and we will gladly answer any questions you might have about learning English.

Literature – Theatre – Cinema

Film nights, literature and the drama club offer excellent learning opportunities


We frequently organize trips to art galleries, the theatre or other places that appeal to student interests.

Remedial Courses

We strive to ensure students make equal levels of progress and it is our priority to help them all learn at the same pace.

Mock Tests

Mock tests are scheduled outside of regular class time and are offered to our students free of charge.


Children are encouraged to create crafts, posters or other smaller-scale projects, thus combining learning with creation.

Bus Service

We provide our own daily bus service which picks up and drops off students at designated spots


We organize events for our young students. We also strive to meet the needs of their families by providing special events.

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E-learning & Technology!

“YES! English Language Centre” offers its students the opportunity to engage in an e-learning experience by providing them access to a 100% safe e-learning environment.



Early childhood

Yes Kids



Seniors Α1 to Β1 / Middle Level


Exam Classes

Exam Preparation Courses - Senior Level


English for Adults

Separate courses for adults


Seminars - Workshops


Speak Up!

Communication English