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Welcome to the website of "YES" English Language Schools!

In our two schools, you are sure to find English language courses which encourage effective learning and guarantee both children and adults achieve the English language qualifications they need.

Founded in 1980, our schools have established a strong reputation for guiding students to success by offering them an excellent academic environment and safe facilities specially designed to promote learning.

We firmly adhere to the belief that mastery of the English language is absolutely essential nowadays and we have therefore designed a unique syllabus which ensures success and bolsters our students' confidence.

Not only do we mentor students to succeed, we also teach them learning strategies, help them develop their team spirit and expose them to activities  (both in and out of class) which promote experiential learning and enable them to use the language fluently and accurately in a real-world environment.

As teachers we know that getting off to a good start is extremely important, but we also feel learning is a lifelong journey and gaining new knowledge always opens doors.

What happens then when you combine a passion for learning with enthusiastic teachers who love their job?  You get a foolproof recipe for success!
We sincerely hope our website will be a reference source for you regarding English language learning and that you will be able to find all the information you need.

Makaleka Evaggelia
Owner/ Director of Studies

Yes! Pylaia.

Our first "YES" language school (located in Ioanninon 50) was founded in 1980 under the name "E. MAKALEKA" by Evaggelia Makaleka, graduate of English Language and Literature from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
The common thread that binds together all of us working at "YES" is our love for our profession, our high academic qualifications and expertise in teaching English to both children and adults as well as our versatile experience in applying modern, innovative and tested teaching methods
Our vision is to establish ourselves, primarily in the local market as well as abroad, as a top-notch school which effectively prepares its students to meet the demands of a society that is changing rapidly
We firmly believe that each and every student must be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential in an ideal learning environment.Schools should constantly improve, be fully aware of new issues in teaching methodology and use a variety of means to help students access knowledge.


Our senior classes (A', B', C' & D' senior) are designed for children aged 9-12 and focus on students' gradual transition from the Beginners' level to the Intermediate level.
At this advanced level we offer a series of exam preparation courses (Lower, Advanced, Proficiency) which aim at teenagers aged 12-16 as well as university students and adults.
At "YES" language schools we offer separate courses for adults that students can attend after taking a placement test which determines their English language level.


The teaching method used in our schools enables us to achieve the primary goal we have set for all our students that is to help them succeed in mastering a foreign language
One of the determining factors in the success of our programmes is our teachers. Graduates of Greek and foreign universities
Our students' progress is monitored continuously through different types of formal and informal assessment such as oral assessment, written assessment including tests, project work etc..
At the beginning of each school year we make a conscious effort to maintain strong relationships with our students' families by updating them regularly and responsibly on their children's progress.
"YES" language schools fully prepare students for the following exams which lead to certifications recognized worldwide.


Make a personal appointment with us and we will gladly answer any questions you might have about learning English.
In "YES" we strive to ensure students make equal levels of progress and it is our priority to help them all learn at the same pace.
Mock tests are scheduled outside of regular class time and are offered to our students free of charge.
We regularly organize film nights which give students the chance to watch films they enjoy in English.
In our schools we strongly feel that literature and the drama club offer excellent opportunities for children to learn a foreign language more effectively.
Either as part of our lessons or not, children are encouraged to create crafts, posters or other smaller-scale projects, thus combining learning with creation.
We frequently organize trips to art galleries, the theatre or other places that appeal to student interests. Our teachers become guides for the day and introduce children to the arts with the help of English language.
Except for the numerous events we organize for our young students, we also strive to meet the needs of their families by providing special events throughout the school year.
In order to assist parents with transporting their children to and from our school in Pylaia, we provide our own daily bus service which picks up and drops off students at designated spots in the vicinity of their homes.


Contact us

Mpizaniou 3, Pylaia Thessaloniki

Τ. +030 2310 331160

Ioanninon 50, Papafi Thessaloniki

Τ. +030 2310 835248

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